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Welcome to my blog!  I suppose I should start out with a bit of forewarning: some of my art (and let’s face it, probably blog posts, too) features unsavory language.  Sorry, but actually, I mean…I’m not.  Nothing bad…or cruel, just some light snark.  I have never really been one to censor myself, except for formal occasions and work, of course, when adulting counts.  But, I really feel that my art is a place for me to be truly uninhibited and anyway, art should never, ever be censored!  Art imitates life imitates art, and all.


So, sometimes I use vulgar language.


Fuck it.



(This blog (and my art), however, is not all about profanity for the sake of being edgy…it’s just a happy coincidence.)


So, what brought me here?  I suppose that’s a good place to start….


As far back as I can remember, I’ve always dabbled in creative endeavors.  I just always thought that meant I was a “crafty girl.”  I certainly have long had a deep appreciation for fine arts (and in fact was a ballet dancer until my mid 20’s), just never really put two and two together and called myself an artist.  And the fact that I’ve had essentially zero formal training in the visual arts wouldn’t help my case at all….  Instead, I’ve spent my time and formal education pursuing what some would consider “more practical” (i.e. less fun) ventures.  However, I seem to find that whenever I find myself with free time to pursue non-work related projects, I gravitate to one of two categories: science and art.  Fortunately for you, this will not be a blog about current therapies in marine mammal medicine (but you never know), but instead about my “journey to cultivate the artist within” (or something cheesy and like that).  You see, in February 2016, I started showing symptoms of what was confirmed many months later as a femoroacetabular impingement and posterior labral tear.  This injury has been nothing short of devastating.  I have no clue how these runners, whose blogs I’ve read online, can say “yeah, my labrum was torn to shreds, so I was only able to run about 5 miles today.”  What the shit?  I had to give up two of my other loves (besides art and marine mammal medicine, of course), roller derby and physical training, about 3 months in because the pain was nearly unbearable.  It made me an intolerable cunt.  Now, 8 months later, I am still awaiting surgery and have to spend the majority of my time laying down, just to function at a basic level and not be a complete twat all the time.  Chronic pain does things to you, man….


So, after the first few weeks stuck at home, the novelty of watching movies and staying in my pj’s if I so desired wore off and I rapidly descended into “Stir Crazy.”  I have been able to keep those crazies at bay, for the most part, and there are a few responsible parties I must thank:


  • Malakai, obviously, is number one. If it weren’t for his staggering ability to not only endure the bullshit alongside me, but to make the best of this shitty situation, well….let’s just say I wouldn’t be writing a snarky blog about my experiences and artistic process.
  • Luna and Hannibal- my muses and Number 1 nurses when Malakai is away. They know just when I need snuggles and when I want to chill the fuck out by myself.  Also, they always tell me my pictures are pretty, though they wish I’d paint pictures of them more often.
  • Board games- we are board game nerds. What I didn’t realize until the hip incident was that when I used to think of board games, my favorites I gravitated toward were always trivia based (see above: scientist.)  Again, thanks to Malakai, my board game repertoire has vastly expanded recently.  Such a great way to check out for a little while…that is, until my hip pain makes me check out from life for a little while….
  • Lastly, watercolor, by way of calligraphy. “Bitch, what?” you say.  But bear with me, here.  I don’t really remember how or why, but suddenly one day, I was all, “I’m going to start learning calligraphy while I’m slogging through this period of injury.” (PS- fun fact…I learned a Japanese term, which sort of sums up the whole “I am enduring through life’s bullshit” concept….がんばてる (Ganbateru).  Say it with me.  Now, remember it for later…you will need it someday) Yes, because isn’t that most people would say?  So, I came across modern calligraphy, then I came across a few calligraphers and designers I really admired, then I came across this Art and Hand Lettering Class on Facebook (hosted by Dawn Nicole of bydawnnicole.com and Dawn Nicole Designs.  She is amazing!) and lo and behold, I came to realize that I REALLY like watercolor and I REALLY think I could be halfway decent if I stick with it.  Challenge accepted: I decided to teach myself how to watercolor (and, by extension, how to win at life) and here I am….for the most part, in a much more positive and productive place than I was just a few months ago.


Ok, enough about my old lady hip.  If you’ve stuck with me for this long and endured my lack of filter, maybe you’ll follow me through this sorta batshit crazy adventure to discover and expand the limits of my creativity, talent, and capacity to self-teach a complicated, but nevertheless beautiful art form, all while being totally badass every. freakin’. day.




If you’re into the social media, I sucked it up and made an Instagram (I was first adamantly anti- Myspace, then Facebook for the longest time….but I had to drink the Kool Aid to more easily keep in touch with family and because of Roller Derby.  Now I’ve done it again for the Instagrams).  It’s www.instagram.com/Artful_Bash if you’re interested.


Feel free to comment, too (just don’t be a douche to me or other commenters, please).  Thanks for reading and I hope you stop by again soon!


Make good life choices,




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