Sennelier Aquarelle Unboxing and Review (with video!)

Hello, friends! It has taken me a little while, but as promised, I have put together a video review of my Sennelier Aquarelle paints! Hooray for me!  And I really hope you enjoy it, or that someone out there finds it helpful. Sadly, I encountered technical difficulties with my camera, and that’s why we can’t have nice things…or quality audio with my first video on the blog, but, shit…that’s life!

Here are links to my You Tube channel. If you like my videos so far (technical issues aside), please subscribe or post something lovely in the comments! You know it’d make my day…and motivate me to make more videos!

Bash’s You Tube Channel

My awesome video review playlist

…and because I feel so bad about putting out a less than stellar video, I’m going to go ahead and embed it here to save you the trip over to You Tube. I’m just that considerate!

In addition to my sound issues in the first two videos, my camera cut out during the third, in a very suspenseful way. Let’s play it off as I thought my viewers might enjoy the thrill of a cliff hanger.
Because I am not a total dick, here are some supplementary photos to tie the whole thing together:

Completed color swatch card; I decided to paint a single layer, let it dry, then paint a second and third layer over the bottom half of each swatch, so I could have a visual of how the colors behave when layered (which is, supposedly, how they perform best and so far I tend to agree). I just LOVE these paints so much…they’re so incredibly beautiful!

Bleeding, blending, and glazing. If I were to venture a guess, I would hypothesize that the pigments must be ground incredibly fine in these paints because of how velvety smooth they are going into paper and how easily they flow…as compared to my Pelikan set, which I now realize actually felt gritty to paint with.

Lifting exercise. Holy balls, these colors lift like a dream! The above swatches were completely dry and I made 1 pass of wetting/lifting and the color almost completely lifted off! I went over a second time and got the stripe nearly completely lifted…no scrubbing at all. I don’t know if that’s just how good quality paints are supposed to behave, if hot press vs cold press paper is a factor, or if it’s an exceptional quality of these paints, but it is remarkable. I wonder if that would affect the longevity on my art, though?
Anyway, thank you for sticking with me through this post (and my video failures).
I have some ideas for upcoming posts and fun activities, but I want your feedback! Do you want to see more or less of something? Subjects you would like me to explore? Paint with me videos? I would love to hear your suggestions, and be able to give you the content YOU want! So, speak up, post a comment, and I will do my best to deliver!
Thanks for visiting, have a creative day!


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