We’ll be Right Back After These Messages…

Just a quick personal note, today….
As you may have read in earlier posts, I am heading out, literally halfway across the globe to have hip surgery this month. Merry Christmas to me, amiright???
The purpose of this blog is really for me to explore art and share my attempts with anyone interested–it is not a personal journal; however, I think it’s worthwhile to share with my, admittedly, very small following (thank you to those that do follow! I really appreciate you guys and your interest in sharing this silly journey with me) why my work has been sporadic lately and why I may not be posting again for a few more weeks…
It all started last February– I was training for my first big roller derby tournament with my league’s All Stars team and, while I had been training at a high level of intensity for the year and a half prior, I suddenly increased the duration and intensity of my workouts by quite a lot 6 weeks out from the tournament.
It was, ultimately, a mistake and I have wished it undone every day since…
My hip started feeling uncomfortable (like it needed to pop) during my warm up run, but I ignored it, vowing to deal with it later. I ended up having to end my run early, because during hill repeats, it ended up legit hurting. I thought a good stretch and hot bath would help…like in most things, I was wrong.
Fast forward 8 unbelievably painful months…that is (along with innumerable office visits, PT and being told that PT wasn’t worth my time, acupuncture, chiropractic, 3 different corticosteroid injections in and around my hip joint, a set of inconclusive X-rays, and 2 MRI arthrograms) no shit, how long it took to get a diagnosis. All the while, I have been unable to sit, walk for more than 10 minutes, tie my own shoes…some days even put on my own pants…forget training….
I have a labral tear in my right hip. The diagnosis varies (I had one orthopedist have to move midway through, one just visit my ortho clinic for only a few weeks, and one new ortho transfer in during this time), but in addition to the tear, I have been told I also have hip dysplasia, inappropriately deep hip sockets, FAI (hip impingement) , no FAI, early arthritis, and no evidence of arthritis.  Perhaps I should also mention I am 34 years old and have been a lifelong athlete….and am not ready to be an invalid before I get my first wrinkle….and would like to find out wtf is wrong with me and how to get this shit fixed.
 It STILL took an additional 3 months to find an orthopedist willing and able to perform corrective surgery (one said he wasn’t convinced I had anything wrong with me, at all), then cut through all of the red tape to get me shipped from Tokyo to California for the procedure (despite there being numerous surgeons in the Tokyo area who do hip arthroscopies and labral tear repairs, because my US military insurance wants to “keep shit in the family.”) and that brings us to December– almost 11 months since my first doctor’s visit. And, I am one of the lucky ones; some people live with this debilitating pain for years before a diagnosis.  
So, clearly, it’s been an awful year and, now that I’ve been granted the privilege of having corrective surgery (with an expected 60% success rate…yaaaaaaaay), this past month has been an unrelenting shit show of appointments, overseas phone calls, preparing for 2 months away from my home (and my best nurses, Luna, my dog and Hannibal, my cat), having to quit my roller derby team and my positions as head coach and team captain, and of course, cope with the anxiety of a major orthopedic surgery that may not work…so, no painting!
But, after my surgery, I have SO much art planned…my own portfolio pieces, highlighted artists, activity pages, the works!  So, thank you for being patient with me…I promise once I can, I will be painting and posting again!


One thought on “We’ll be Right Back After These Messages…

  1. All the best wishes and hopefully more than 60 % success to you. I hope you’ll have a nice Christmas and New year despite all this going on in your life. Go and make 2017 your bitch ! 🙂
    Hugs Snowy


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