Lily + Herman



Watercolor portrait of Lily and Herman Munster; Pelikan gouache watercolor on Fabriano studio hot press paper. 11 x 14


I will freely admit- I am not great at drawing faces….especially if it is a portrait of someone other people know and should recognize. I enlisted in the help of some tracing paper to first get the face shapes and placement of features accurate, then transferred the rough outline to my watercolor paper, where I “fleshed out” the drawing (pun intended) in pencil. Then, layering, layering, layering (using my favorite grey/brown shade of vermillion mixed with veridian green and a touch of ultramarine for the shadows and contours (later adding black to the mix to get nice, dark shadows)….a pale green glaze over top, diluted red, grey green and grey/blue for lips and eyes. Aaand fun with wet in wet washes for the background.


Hapoy Halloween!




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