Self Portrait



I have have had so much on my mind lately, with upcoming travel, that I just haven’t been inspired to paint….which is ok, I am going to have plenty of downtime to be artsy after my hip surgery.


But, there I was, minding my own business, when I get a wild hair up my ass to paint a portrait…but not just any portrait, oh no, I decide to paint myself. Because, at the time I’m thinking, well, at least it’s a face I know well. What I failed to realize was how goddamn hard it would be to recreate (and specifically how critical I’d be of) a face I know, oh, I’d say pretty well. Who knew I was such a glutton for punishment…


ok, I’ve drawn faces before. I know where the eyes are supposed to go, right? But for such a daunting task, I decided to enlist in the help of every amateur artist’s best friend…You Tube. There, I learned about facial planes (actually, I kind of knew the concept, just didn’t know it was a thing, or that it had a name) and followed a tutorial to help get the proportions right. I still hate noses, though. (If you’re interested, here is the tutorial…and I owe a big thanks to Paul Abrams for making that video. Thanks, man!) It certainly made drawing my face easier…even though it didn’t look entirely like me, I figured I could fix that with paint.


I painted this in stages (because I didn’t want to fuck it up), with shadows and facial details one day and wild, galaxy hair the next. (For anyone who knows me, that isn’t too far off from what my hair often looks like…).


So, here’s what I learned– my portrait didn’t really look much like me…but that’s cool. You know why? Because you can fake it ’till you make it, that’s why. Cue diversion in the form of wild hair and strands blowing across the face, and constellations.


I ended up, actually, pretty happy with this portrait…I will definitely have to practice some more, so I can do it someday with diversionary magic tricks…




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