Tea for Two


I always shudder a bit when I see a zentangle exercise coming up in the daily Dawn Nicole prompts. I find them extremely challenging, and a bit stressful, too….sort of goes against the whole “zen” thing….

But, with a few zentangle exercises under my belt, I am beginning to find them more enjoyable, and coming up with a variety of simple, but visually interesting patterns less daunting. My favorite aspect of this one was considering the compositional aspects of the design; not just drawing a tea cup, but giving it a bit of a story. In my sketchbook, I played around with watercolor splotches to add some visual interest without making the image too busy, or detracting from the intricate patterns. (And it took way less time than coloring in the whole damn thing!)


Now, go make yourself a nice, hot cup of tea, grab a book, and tuck into cozy, tea-fueled comfort for a few!


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