Trick or Treat



Who doesn’t love candy corn? Ok, like easily half of the population. But I stand proudly by my adoration of these god-awful, diabetes-inducing confections.


And one more thing….with a name like “candy corn,” why the shit aren’t they vegan??


I’ve  missed you, little guys….


I sketched out and measured my letters for consistency of size and spacing, then traced their outline with a sharpie and added a thicker border where a drop shadow would normally be. I forgot to take a photo before adding color, but it looked pretty bomb.


I went with a candy corn inspired color scheme because….well, Halloween. My text was slightly off center- I had laid this out in my sketchbook and was so pleased with how well it had turned out, I decided to use it as my final draft….ergo, I hadn’t paid much attention to centering the image on the page. But, never fear, cute little candy corn drawings to the rescue!


Happy Halloween, witches!


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